The Homebakery creates content for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Goods range from Subclasses, Feats, Items, Lineages, and More. All work is original and baked with care.

Coven Con

This whimsical ttrpg about witches and friendship is a perfect one shot game!Available Here

Drag & Drop Shops

  • On DriveThruRPG: The Adoption Armoury - a curious place, tied up as it is in a mixture of haunted items, petty bookwork, and unusual characters, it is the perfect shop for those who would love a friend they could bring everywhere with them.

  • On DriveThruRPG:: The Cakeish Corner - The wonderfully chaotic bakery of Proprietor Willow Stumblefoot. All baked goods all come with a little dash of magic, whether you want them to or not. Really it's a perfect place for any adventurer to spend their dough at!

  • On DriveThruRPG: The Rootless Boutique -A travelling shop run by the mysterious Magwitch, a fey creature of unknown ability and an interest in the material plane.

Free Content

  • Starry Night Collection - Give your players a bit of wonder, with these 5 magic items based on the cosmos.

  • Irda Lineage - These distance relatives of Oni and Orge from Dragonlance, hide from the tyranical dragon queen. Using illusion and shapeshifting to aid their cause.

  • Dohwar Lineage - These cute, capitalist penguins hail from the Spell Jammer verse and are now playable. As any lineage with psionic powers and colourful feathers should be.

  • Dream Domain - Channel the powers of an Endless with this Sandman inspired subclass. Bring back gifts from the dreaming, become a nightmare for your enemies.

Big Projects

  • On DMs Guild: Behind the Mask - An exciting adventure into the Dread Domain of Dementlieu

  • On DMs Guild: Fanciful Feywild - a fey-themed expansion made in collaboration, more info can be found following the link!

  • On Rolling with Pride with 50% of proceeds going to UK charity for trans youth